Thursday, November 09, 2006

one surprise too many

i thought hard on all the bad ways i could update my site today. all the bad things i wanted to say. but i realize none of it now is really worth saying. who's mind will i change?? or even enlighten for that matter?? no one. mine is the only one that matters and i consider myself enlightened enough for all of you. yeah, all two and a half of you. so, i'll just say, um, i do hope the best for you. yeah, i say that knowing you're not going to read it. but it's fun to pretend sometimes. i dont really know you, but i hope that someday you'll find someone who you'll allow to. i shouldnt be a beggar, and i wont be anymore. some of us are just slow learners. very, very slow learners. and i think that adequately sums up every single thing i need to say.

other than that, i think my new help that i finally got at work is about to be fired. i say fired. laid off?? business has been unusually slow lately, even for this time of year. so, another one bites the dust then, i suppose. she's really the best help i've had in a long time. she's a hard worker, she has no problem with comprehension, no problem well, with anything really. a generally pleasant person to work with. and i'm sorry to see her leave if she must. sad sad.

my sister ran over her own dog the other day fracturing a shoulder blade, three ribs, and a pelvis in a pear tree. ouch. not much more needs to be said. poor puppy.


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